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“What's the most important thing to know as a beginner to yoga?!”

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Well...first things first, we are all beginners. That’s it, that simple. Each and every time we walk on to our mat or sit with our breath we are a beginner.

Our minds change daily, our feelings, moment to moment and our breath second to second. How can we not be new when experiencing all of that while moving?

Have you ever considered that being “new” at something has more to do with your perception? Just because you’ve done something before, how do you know it will be the same next time?

It is perhaps that assumption which robs us of the reality that we are often beginners in most situations, even the ones we've been in before.

Our bodies are ever changing and with it our minds and feelings around it all. Even versed students will often find when making minor adjustments to their practice or learning a new pose that they find themselves experiencing moments of vulnerability.

After all, moving your body in a room full of strangers could make anyone feel exposed.

So the most important thing to know as a beginner is that you are not alone. That you should first offer yourself kindness and gratitude for approaching unfamiliar territory.

We are all beginning something, whether it’s on a mat or off. Building a yoga practice will undoubtedly enhance your self confidence. So hesitate no longer and go deeper into your practice - you won't regret it!

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