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Take care of SELF 1st!

This is the time of the year when we’re getting the “hang” of the Fall routine in just enough time for the scheduling of holiday parties and family gatherings. Crazy right!? It seems like we’re always chasing balance. Does it ever end??

The truth is that it doesn’t. Balance can feel like a metaphoric carrot forever dangling in front of us that we only seem to grasp for moments at a time. It is during this time it could not be more important to remember SELF. So easy to lose sight of while running

around prepping and doing for others. After all, that old saying “you cannot pour from an empty cup” is actually true. So how can we keep an eye on our cup while gearing up to pour into others??

Well, there are many different things we might do. Taking classes for starters, obviously! As great as movement can be, it’s not the easiest thing to carve out time to make it

to class. However, there are other options

that allow us chances to steal a little piece for ourselves. Finding those activities that bring us joy often refills us and allows us to shift static energy that can often build up around this time of year.

Perhaps something as simple as taking a few moments to journal. Maybe 21 days of gratitude for SELF. We’d like to encourage you to take a few minutes out of each day for the next 21 and jot down a reason why you are thankful for YOU each day. It not only shifts energy, but perspective.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be reminded of

how great you truly are while being overwhelmed by that endless list of things that are being added to your daily routine?!

So will you try it for us? And feel free to share some of the qualities you appreciate about SELF below and maybe inspire the rest of the community to see those traits as well.

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