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Shifting the tide, resolution not required.

“a firm decision to do or not to do something.” or “the quality of being determined or resolute.” These are the given definitions of resolution.

We prefer the latter at best, lending more to the intention of the progress vs. a finite decision to change, or specify such. We know better than that! Reality is far too fluid and ever changing for firm decisions. Right?!

Reality is far too fluid and ever changing for firm decisions.

Or is the goal the “reach for the stars and land in the clouds??” Which is completely understandable considering how lackadaisical human nature has become. We have often oversell the idea or goal knowing that in some way we will either seek a shortcut or become discouraged. It’s the unfortunate benefit of the tools we’ve been provided to make daily routines easier. Things happen much quicker these days and without much effort, often with a simple tap of a screen. But we digress..

So what does this mean when we want to evoke change? Do we still have the muscle to shift? Is the daily tenacity present to push past old habits while maneuvering daily life? Valid questions, no?! Is it possible to reawaken the inner strength and innate knowledge to support the change we resolve?

A lot of questions, we know…but real food for thought, no? (okay..that’s the last one)

With this knowledge we have resolved to be present, fully present. In ALL that we do, in each moment we exist. We’ve decided to remove the firm decision and expectation and choose to meet ourselves where we arrive each day. The reality is, there is so little we control in this beautiful world, so rather than force ourselves into a moment (a feeling, a habit, a routine, etc.), what if we decided to exist within it?! No pressure, just presence.

Perhaps there, resolve will find you, and self evolution progresses naturally.

Tips to Shifting the Tide…

  • Just Start.

    • We know it’s not easy, but it has to happen. The important thing is to get moving! So put on the yoga “fit”, even if you only make it as far as the kitchen for coffee. The sooner you evoke change, the sooner it begins. IT DOES NOT happen all at once.

  • Place notes of encouragement around you.

    • Whether it’s a post-it on your mirror or in the fridge, or maybe a reminder on your phone. Notes are a great way to remind yourself how great you already are and keep you motivated to thrive.

  • Share your desires. No matter how small.

    • Tell your loved ones your intentions of growth. The universe will hear you too! Allow your environment to conspire to support your endeavors.

  • Keep Going. No matter what.

    • Things will happen and most of them will be unexpected. Don’t get deterred from your intentions. Trust that things are moving in your favor as long as you continue to “show up”.

  • Get Creative.

    • This is where “letting go” is applied. Step away from your “normal” approach and maybe try a different one. Self awareness often improves when new traits are applied.

written by : beau- paloma d.

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