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One Step Forward, Three Steps back...

Every time I think about racism and the lack of equality current day all I have a mixed emotions. The irony of how far we've come as a society in relation to things such as technology and agriculture, but still the black community is still viewed as a commodity rather a valuable contributing part of society.

The reflection that society in large, values objects and vanity over the equal worth of life is baffling with all that we now know.

Without diving into the

times I have been hired because I "pass" or am less intimidating due to my "exotic" appearance the unfortunate truth is not much has changed. Instead, we've swapped out "affirmative action" for "inclusive" hires. How does the saying go..? "Same pig, different make lipstick."

I'm aware the above sounds bitter and jaded.

However, living as a perceived minority, whom is actually the majority is a feeling one can only share through experience.

And not to worry, I am keenly aware of the progress that has been made. There has been more awareness, more conversations, and more opportunities being offered ; which are so vital in forward progression. It's beautiful to see, although at times difficult for it not to be felt as back handed. I mean, we can talk about how value diminishes with the constant chase of ones basic rights at another time.

All of these things come to mind when celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When honoring his legacy, I can't help but review our path - the one he lead us on. A great man, that was relentless in reminding us not only the value of equality, but of life overall and our due diligence to society to improve it and support our communities.

Such a lasting impression, to be reminded that no matter how steep the course ; we continue to walk its path and do so together.

So I continue to do my part, give selflessly, show up and keep going. After all, tomorrow isn't promised.

written by : beau p. d.

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