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The Fall Equinox is here and it’s time to reflect, not on where we want to go.

Instead, reflect on where we’ve been. As the days ease into balance, we are encouraged to honor the balance among and within us. Perhaps offering gratitude to your journey and accomplishments, rather than drafting a “to do” list. This is a time of harvest, a time to bask in the riches of your labor.

Don’t miss out!

You might take a moment, or even carve out time to develop a routine of abundance. A celebration of harvest if you may…not forcing a feeling of gratitude, but a chance to honor what’s behind. Because no matter the feeling, one thing is for certain, we are further along than we were before we began.

In this hectic city, it's easy to focus on goals and our many list of things to do, vs. basking in all we have done. Ever why that is? We are definitely a city of "doers" rather than "be-ers" (we know...that's not really a word), constantly buzzing about, rarely taking the time to simply "be".

Often feeling guilty when we carve out those moments to enjoy our harvest, because we are worried about the next. Just the writing that sounds exhausting (she wipes forehead)!

So why not encourage yourself to take small moments of gratitude, where celebrate abundance, what could is hurt? And remember, it's not about forcing a feeling, simply honoring how you feel.

Below are some tips we found helpful.

  • Make a "Growth Journal" - take 5 minutes at the end of each day to jot down things you have accomplished.

  • Take time to sit with breath. Find a comfortable seat, drawing your awareness to the sounds around you. Celebrate "being" in the current moment.

  • Go for a walk, without your phone. Enjoy your environment, a moment with "self".

  • Seek a challenge. There's no better way to feel abundant than to conquer. Embrace deepening a routine that already exists or take on unfamiliar territory.

  • Carve out an hour a day, to talk to "self". Whether it's moving or writing, taking time to reflect and listen to the inner voice will always encourage and aid in growth.

Have tips that you'd like to share..? Post to your Instagram and tag us (@sevaabrooklyn) and we'll share with the community or leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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