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Movement is Medicine

We believe that movement is medicine, the more we move our bodies, the more we understand its functionality and deepen self awareness.  Our classes are designed to allow space for students to establish a deeper understanding of mind / body connection via breath and detailed, integral movement. Our teachers are trained to minimize demoing so they might focus on students alignment and offer either adjustments or cues that will improve on students knowledge base of their practice and their body's ability. 

Listed below,  detailed descriptions of our classes. 

Class Descriptions

Basic / Yoga for All (55min)

Sevaa Community

Foundational. A practice focused on the basic yoga poses and proper alignment. Highlights breath to breath movement, guides students to deepen awareness of their own personal alignment to improve the benefits of their overall practice. Great for beginners or anyone that would like to focus on personal alignment. Modifications offered.

Intermediate / Advanced (60min)

Sevaa Flow

 Fluid.  A juicy movement, a guided breath to breath practice designed to utilize postures to increase blood flow and overall body awareness. Alignment cues are offered to guide students to a deeper understanding of "self" that will allow the ability to heal and transform. This class will invigorate students and leave them feeling powerful and strong. Precise cues are offered to make postures accessible to all levels, modifications are always offered. Props not necessary, but may be offered.

Core / Lengthen (50min)

Sevaa Tone

 Lengthen. A mat based core engaging class that utilizes stretching and engagement to release tension, improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and overall body awareness. Accessible to any level practitioner, aids in relieving back discomfort. Props are used in this class.

Release / Relax (60min)

Sevaa Flow and Melt

Relief. A subtle practice that allows you to redevelop the art of relaxation. An opportunity to slow down and listen to mind and body. Tapping into your nervous system to re-balance, de-stress and alleviate your stress reaction. This class is great for beginners or any student looking to slow down and bask in breath, while deepening the understanding of mind and body. (Some props offered - blocks, blankets, pillows, etc) Props will be recommended at the start of class. 

Gentle Stillness (45min)

Classic asanas/postures offered in smaller time frame that encourages blood flow, increases endurance and flexibility. 

Sevaa Express





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